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1. HOW MANY TAMADOGE PETS Time traveLLED to Web3.0?

4,000 uniquely programmatically generated Tamadoge pets exist each with their own personability and rare traits.

2. How dId TheY Hatch?

4,000 NFTs have been created and uploaded with their frozen metadata onto ipfs hosting (web3.0). They have been built into a Polygon (MATIC) smart contract. 

3. why is Tamadoge unique?

Tamadoge is a virtual interactive pet and each has a provable rareness on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain. Tamadoge playdates will be released initially onto a wbe3.0 hosted network whereby you can connect to the Polygon network using the token address of the NFT to dress up your pet, give it tweats and rewards. Your Tamadoge has access to $DOGE tokens and will reward you with $DOGE tokens each month through secondary sales and age of your pet that. 

4. Why polygon (MATIC)?

Due to the high trasnaction fees associated with Ethereum it did not make sense for us to time travel onto the Ethereum blockcahin and hatch in the Polygon network where transaction fees are low. 

5. What is a playdate?

Once the playdate server is launched, pet owners will be able to log into the playdate server with their NFT token address where they will be able to exchange collected tweats, toys, collars, and more that their Tamadoge might not need but other pet owners have in storage. The more interaction your Tamadoge gets with unique collectibles, the happier your Tamadoge will be which we will measure by a rarity calculator.

6. How do I buy a Tamadoge?

On February 4th our public sale will begin. Below is a step-by-step procedure on buying a Tamadoge

See these step by step youtube videos for further help (each of these will help)



How to buy:

a. Download extension on your browser 

b. Purchase Ethereum from various exchanges such as Coinbase, Luno (South Africans), Binance etc. 

c. Convert your Ethereum to MATIC (see youtube - best done on computer)

d. Buy on Opensea, a Metask popup will happen and you can approve 

e. Once you have approved your purchase the NFT will show up in your MetaMask wallet (see Blockchwain)